July 29, 2011

SysAdminDay 2011

Happy SysAdminDay! The amount of posts I make here is indirectly proportional to the amount of work I have. I'm now deep in the middle of business process re-engineering, and I seem to have been in stuck in more meetings in the past few months than in my entire life combined, including the times we were implementing the ERP. I only wish the new boss was here when we implemented the ERP years ago!

I was just thinking about how my job has changed over the past two years or so (under the new boss) from massaging the servers into managing projects and implementing business processes. I know IT is business and all that, but it's still a big change for me to go from managing machines to managing people, and I'm still getting my feet wet. And then I saw this article on TechRepublic: The future of IT will be reduced to three kinds of jobs. Perhaps starting this November I'll be celebrating Project Management Day.

While searching for an image to go with this post, I came across this great post. It's exactly how I feel too!