October 2, 2022

Sonnet from the Vulcan: Omicron Ceti Three

by Shirley Meech

I thought the memory of you was gone—
I thought it buried underneath the years.
But now, it rises, bright as Vulcan dawn,
And I remember you, and Earth, and tears.

Your tears were falling like the rains of Earth;
You were the storms and roses of Earth's spring.
You could not know that, almost from my birth
The rites of Vulcan bound me to T'Pring.

I could not break those ties; I had no choice—
Returned to space, left you and Earth behind.
But still I heard the echo of your voice,
Found the rain and wind and roses in my mind.

You told me that you loved me, and you cried.
I said I had no feelings. And I lied.

Originally published in Star Trek: The New Voyages
Bantam Books 1976