October 29, 2009


Shares Of Garmin Ltd. and TomTom N.V. Plunge On Droid Launch-WSJ
Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009 02:41pm EDT

The Wall Street Journal reported that Garmin Ltd. and TomTom N.V. plunged after Google Inc. upgraded its smart-phone software to include a free navigation feature. The smart phone to feature Google's new navigation software is the Motorola Inc. Droid, which was unveiled Wednesday. The phone goes on sale November 6 through Verizon Wireless, which plans to aggressively market the device. In a blog post, Google said its new Google Maps Navigation feature provides turn-by-turn directions based on up-to-date maps and business listings from Google Maps. It will be available to other smart phones through a new version of Google's Android operating system. The news sent shares of the companies reeling.
(Source: WSJ)

October 22, 2009

October 21, 2009

MacBook obsoleted

Six months since I got my MacBook, and it's officially obsolete today with the introduction of the unibody MacBook. With the difference in exchange rates, the local price even went down too. I hate typing on my MacBook since the palm rest keeps trying to slash my wrists, and I notice the problem doesn't exist on the unibody aluminum models. I hope the unibody plastic model also makes improvement in this area.

Time to upgrade...

October 2, 2009

Anti-piracy cycle

Around the same time last year, the Thai Cyber Police announced that they're putting an end to piracy once and for all and that they have names of all corporations using pirated software. Of course, Thailand being Thailand, absolutely nothing happened, and one year later, they're announcing the same thing all over again.

The funny thing is, Firefox is now flagging the anti-piracy site as an attack site. Which is true mostly, since I've been getting spam from them both in email and regular snail mail. How annoying.