May 27, 2009

Death by PowerPoint

Yesterday I gave the very first presentation of my group's work progress in front of all the department heads at the very first company-wide meeting headed by my new boss. The idea is that all department heads should know what other departments are doing and know the direction the company is headed, especially during these troubled times. But really, who cares what the IT guys are doing, as long as they can view their nudie pics, watch YouTube, and check mail?

Since this was the very first such meeting and everyone else are so inexperienced with doing meaningful and concise presentations, the meeting dragged on through the whole day. By the time it was my turn, it was 4 PM and everyone was already half dead.

After listening to my presentation, the boss had only two questions for me: Why do you have so crazy many projects going on all at once, and why are you doing other people's jobs? The second questions was specifically about my project about limiting Internet access using access restrictions. This is quite unfortunate as we're a manufacturing company with high-tech equipment. Many of the employees are unskilled labor that when faced with a computer, would just sit there and surf porn all day long, and our managers are too tame to tell them to go do their jobs, so it fell to IT to enforce Internet usage. Sigh.

Next project: teach users how to use PowerPoint, and do good, non-sleep-inducing presentations.

Meanwhile, SP2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 is released.

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