August 1, 2009

MacBook 7200 RPM

I replaced the 320 GB 5400 RPM drive that I put in my MacBook 3.5 months ago with a 320 GB 7200 RPM drive. The old one was a Western Digital WD3200BEVT and the new one is a WD3200BEKT.

I used Carbon Copy Cloner to perform the drive cloning.


Carbon Copy Cloner appears to show the progress bar according to number of files and not by size of the total transfer. The last few bits on the bar took forever when it was cloning my virtual machine and disc image files.
Done! 160 GB of data took 02:41:00. That's exactly 1 GB per minute.
Swapping the drives.
I don't have any benchmarking programs for hard drives and I don't really care for drive benchmarks, but I timed the boot time and it didn't change at all. It still takes about 90 seconds from powering up to the desktop appearing. But VMware Fusion and the virtual machines load noticeably faster. Larger apps like Xcode and Microsoft Office also load in less bounces. Unfortunately, the new drive seems to cause a very slight vibration on the palm rests, but I could live with that.

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