March 19, 2010

Windows 7 XP Mode update

Microsoft has released an update that removes the requirement of hardware virtualization when running Windows 7's XP Mode. This is such welcoming news. I always get people asking me why their brand spanking new computer couldn't run XP Mode, and they often sound like this.

"Hey, I downloaded Windows XP Mode program that's supposed to allow me run all my old games on my new computer, but it says something about hardware visualization is disabled."

"Dude, it's virtualization, and it's disabled because you bought a low-end computer with a low-end CPU."

"What?! It's a Centrino Duo 2 Core with a 500 megapixel hard drive!"

"It's gigabytes, and your Core 2 Duo CPU is hardly top of the line."

"Ahhh! My new computer sucks and Bill Gates sucks!"

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