April 16, 2018

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

I've wanted to buy new Bluetooth speakers for ages. I rarely have time to sit down to listen to music, but I want something to listen to while working out. Ultimate Ears lowered the prices of speakers recently, so I went online to check them out. The Wonderboom Patches (Freestyle Collection) one caught my eye with the bright colors, and after checking out online reviews I ordered one immediately.

Unfortunately, what the reviews didn't talk about was that colors of the actual Wonderboom is nothing like the colors in the pictures. The colors of the actual product are faded and to me it looks like dirty jeans with printed pictures. I took a picture of the actual speaker and... it turns out that the colors look much nicer in the photograph for some reason. Normally photos will look faded compared to real life, but in this case, the colors stood out and it looks wonderful compared to the real thing.

Yeah, the colors are disappointing but luckily the speaker sounds awesome for the small size and it's helping greatly with my workouts.

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