February 28, 2009

From Newton MessagePad to iPod Touch

I'm such a slow comer to the iPhone / iPod Touch crowd, but I have an original Apple Newton MessagePad that I bought in NYC on the day it was available. But earlier this month I got an iPod Touch "2G", and I'm completely in love with it.

My essential apps so far besides Safari and Calendar: myExpenses, Remember the Milk, Fring (only as a SIP client), BeejiveIM, Jaadu RDP, Jaadu VNC, iSSH, Stanza, and i41CXp. I'm not much of a game player, but my SO enjoys playing Fieldrunners and TowerBloxx. I also use FormatFactory to convert video clips into the correct format to view on it.

But it's an iPod! I should be listening to music with it. Unfortunately, I already have a Sansa Clip, which is far more convenient since it's so small I can just drop it in my pocket. I also have a first generation iPod Shuffle that I only use when running, because my running bag's earphone hole is the wrong orientation for the Sansa Clip!

Of course, my iPod is jailbroken so I could install a Thai language keyboard program for it.

My ISP is still blocking blogger.com so I had to login to a different site to post this. Power to the ISP! Yay!

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