June 4, 2009

All I got was this cool jacket

I talked about our flailing ERP project earlier. Stupidly enough, half a year has passed since that post, and the project is still getting nowhere.

I did get an invitation from Microsoft to join the Dynamics | NAV Customer Connection event that took place earlier this week. At the event, Microsoft representatives explained features of the new Dynamics NAV 2009 version. Which was pretty sad for me to hear, since we paid for NAV 4.0 (I still have the unopened installation CD), then upgraded to 5.0 during the implementation process, and now 2009 is on the horizon, and we still haven't gone live yet.

Of course, I took the opportunity to vent to the Microsoft representatives about how hopeless my NAV partner is. They appeared to take this matter seriously as they took copious notes, and promised to call me back. But the best part about all this is that they gave me a Dynamics Team jacket for my troubles. So at least now I have something to show for spending $100,000 on the ERP project.

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