June 3, 2009

Lenovo S10-2 in da house

The newly introduced Lenovo S10-2 in shiny black.

The almost-full-size keyboard is much easier to type on than the S10's. The touchpad buttons are also much easier to press than the S10's.

Shot from the hinge area, showing the protruding 6-cell battery.

The very dim indicator lights. This picture actually shows the lights being on. The wireless indicator light blinks if Wi-Fi is turned off while Bluetooth is turned on.

In completely unrelated news. I also got a G-Shock DW-5600E. One of the cheaper ones, but I've wanted one for the longest time.

Update (2009-11-18): Five months later, the S10-2's hinge developed a crack. The S10-2's hinge suffers from a design problem: the screen can't be opened too wide without hitting a rubber stop. Unfortunately, often times if the netbook is placed on a low table or on the lap, the screen needs to be opened up wider for a better viewing angle.

This picture actually shows the screen opened up to the maximum angle. The area right behind the crack is the "screen stopper" that causes a stress point at the crack area.

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