January 2, 2010

Domain controller crashed

I can't believe I had to start the year fixing my servers, again. During the new year vacation, the maintenance people turned off the power to the entire building for, er, "maintenance", without notifying anyone.

Not to mention I was away, supposedly on vacation! When the power returned, my domain controller couldn't boot up, one of my RAID backup devices had read errors, and the other one had a kernel error and couldn't finish booting.

I do have UPS's on all my servers, but the power was out for so long due to maintenance jobs being done, and when it came back, there were power surges that caused the main power to flicker, thus causing all the problems.


Update (01/04/10): That's nothing yet, on the very first day of work, a truck crashed into the telephone pole in front of my office and took out our leased line. It should've just crashed directly into my domain controller to save me the trouble.

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