March 17, 2010

ThinkPad X100e screen contrast

I borrowed one of the new ThinkPad X100e's to check it out and compare it with the IdeaPad S10 I have. The X100e has a matte screen, but it's not completely matte unlike the S10. I don't have my ThinkPad T60 handy, but the S10 is more matte than the T60, and the X100e is somewhat shinier than the T60. The S10 is showing a lot of fingerprints!

Of course, nothing like my MacBook's shiny screen.

While playing with the X100e, I discovered that when it's running on battery power, the screen loses a lot of contrast. It's most obvious when running Excel 2007 since the cell grid lines become almost invisible. Once the adapter is plugged in, the grid lines become sharp and contrasty. I had to give back the X100e so I didn't get a chance to take a photograph, but it's pretty bad.


Unknown said...

Go to PowerPlay
And remove Enable Vari-Bright ออก

Anonymous said...

i was suffering with the x100e screen contrast too, and removing Vari-Bright fixed it - thanks.