December 9, 2008

Gmail JPEG attachment problem

I was away on vacation for a few days, and of course, something has to break while I was away. Gmail's attachment function broke and I got flooded with help messages. An example below.

This is the original image, taken from a previous post.

When Gmail attaches the JPEG image, it becomes corrupted. And the corruption is different each time. Once in a while it even corrupts the image so badly that it becomes uncompletely unviewable.

Surprisingly enough, the corruption problem even happens with images embedded inside PDF files. I found this out when I tried to work around the image corruption problem by embedding JPEG's inside PDF files, but the PDF files became corrupted as well.

I wonder if it's affecting all attachments?


Unknown said...

I have the same problem with attachments initiated using Yahoo, gmail or aol. Tried it with virus filter off, and no improvement. Anyone have any feedback on this issue? Help?

Rick Lee said...

I am having this problem with Gmail and I am searching the web for solutions. No luck yet.