December 15, 2008

Panasonic LX3 firmware

The new firmware is available here. (Version 1.1, released 2008/12/15.)

  1. Compatibility update for the DMW-FL220 flash unit.
  2. Improved auto white balance performance.
  3. Improved auto focus performance.
Update: apparently there were two unreleased firmware between 1.0 and 1.1.

Improvements in Version 1.05:
  1. Improved the MF assistance (enlarged) position may be shifted to the center although MF assistance position is shifted with joystick when zoom lever is rotated to Tele side.
  2. Improved the noise may be displayed in the AF area selecting screen.
  3. Improved the black part may be displayed in the MF assistance (enlarged) area when the dark area compensation is set to ON.
  4. Optimization of the enlarged position indicator and MF assistance (enlarged) being displayed.
  5. Improved the AWB icon is displayed in film grain scene mode when WB adjustment is chosen.
  6. Improved the exposure compensation value may not be stored in the picture as an Exif data with iA shooting mode.
Improvements in Version 1.04.
  1. Improved favorite guide indication and clock indication of world time may be lapped over.

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