December 16, 2008

Panasonic G1 firmware

Panasonic is in a firmware upgrading spree too. Yesterday they released firmware for the LX3, and today the G1. Whee!

The new firmware is available here. (Version 1.1, released 2008/12/16.)

  1. Makes it possible to check the exposure with Live View during the AE lock.
  2. Makes it possible to continuously display the enlarged screen of the MF assist.
  3. Added "color adjustment function" for the LCD monitor/View finder.
  4. Added "Red-eye reduction forced flash on" to the flash setting for the [PARTY].
  5. Improved the performance of AE(Auto Exposure) and AWB(Auto White Balance).
  6. Improved the accuracy of flash control.
  7. Improved the noise reduction during high sensitivity photo shooting.
In related news. Adobe released Lightroom 2.2 to support Panasonic raw files. Panasonic is turning many heads in the photography world!

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