April 6, 2009


So I bought the $999 MacBook White. It cost me much more than that locally, but the Mac Genius guy that sold me the machine assured me that the extra cost over the US$ price is because it comes with a Thai keyboard (which I don't need), and eventhough the price is more than Windows notebooks, I'm getting the latest OS X and iLife for free, plus it has a full one-year international warranty. I forgot to tell him my ThinkPad T60 (with English keyboard!) was $2000+ when I bought it two years ago, and came with a one-year insurance and three-year warranty.

He also assured me that with OS X, unlike Windows, I can open more than two or three programs at once without the computer crashing (oh?), I don't need to do any more upgrading since it's very difficult to find compatible parts and install them (eh?), and it's easy to join wireless networks and use the Internet (ah?). He then proceeded to install a bunch of free software for me, which I stopped immediately, reason being that since I'm new to OS X, I would have no idea what are included in the OS, and what are his, plus I just like to configure my own computer. I assured him that I know how to use the Internet and can figure things out for myself.

The Genius looked at me strangely for a few moments, and finally he asked what I do, and why I was buying the MacBook.

"I'm a network administrator who also writes programs for fun, and I bought the MacBook to learn Xcode and Objective-C."

That shut him up for good. He quickly packed up my MacBook, charged my card, and let me go.

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