October 8, 2008

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 in black (day 2)

This is continued from my previous Lenovo IdeaPad S10 post.

Apparently the S10's being sold currently in the US don't have Bluetooth. Mine does. This is the software wireless device control panel accessed by pressing Fn-F5. There is also a hardware button that toggles all wireless devices simultaneously.

Just to prove again my S10 does have Bluetooth. This is the device manager.

The pre-installed battery management control panel. You can choose the battery saving scheme manually, or let it change automatically according to the battery level.

Each scheme can be customized further by double clicking on the scheme icons.

Everything is customizable.

The Super Energy Saver scheme has an additional tab that lets you enable or disable individual hardware devices.

After cycling the battery a few times and also customizing my battery saving schemes a bit, I can easily get 3+ hours of battery life now. The backlight on the S10 is so bright I never needed to use more than half in the screen brightness setting. The CPU is also fast enough that I can use the "low CPU frequency" setting without any speed problems.

As mentioned in other online reviews, the wireless sensitivity is extremely good. I happened to need to find out today if a remote location at work can be reached using wireless or if we need to run a cable. Turns out the S10 can easily reach our main access point from the remote location, while my ThinkPad with the Intel 3945BG couldn't even find the access point.

Update: continued in day 7.


RShack said...

Useful info...thanks...

Question: Do you know how to adjust the volume of the *very loud* beep that occurs whenever the user connects or disconnects AC power?

RShack said...

Never mind... found it.
There's a "PC Beep" setting in Master Volume that does it.
(It does not screw up the volume of other audio.)

amru said...

Thanks a lot. Is there anyway to find out what model # the BT module is w/out opening it up?

Man the more and more I read about this netbook, the more excited I get.. except for the hiccups, like no BT on the US side

FRiC said...

Hi, please see my follow-up in "day 7".

eiram said...