July 8, 2008

Router hacking (part 3)

Last time I mentioned using a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 loaded with Tomato firmware in a business setting, but I forgot to mention that it's being used in place of a router that costs ten times more. The expensive router has a lot more features, but in this particular installation, they were all disabled in the first place for some strange reason. I tried using it for bandwidth control, but it wasn't fast or stable enough. The Buffalo router loaded with Tomato turned out to be more stable, faster, and uses far less power.

This is a picture of the WHR-HP-G54 sitting next to the Cisco router and the expensive Nusoft router. Above the two rackmount routers are the G.SHDSL modem and a backup ADSL modem. Above the G. modem is a Linksys WRT310N that I'll talk about another time.

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