November 17, 2008

iPhone 3G in Thailand

Oh my, I wonder if we're actually going to get a 3G network, only about a million years after it's promised? Or if they're going to pretend that their city-wide Wi-Fi network is 3G?

I also wonder how many they're going to pretend to sell, since the iPhone gray market here is huge.

True Move is the third largest (out of four) cellular provider in Thailand and I happen to be a user. I used AIS (largest cellular provider in Thailand and owned by the former Primer Minister) for many years until one day they suddenly changed the GPRS service charges. GPRS in most places (all?) of the world is charged by the number of bytes transferred. AIS suddenly changed it to be charged by the minute. Their reasoning is that to download ringtones, it's cheaper to be charged by the minute than to be charged by the number of bytes. They also thought they could change it without informing anyone since there were practically no GPRS users at the time.

I racked up a humongous bill since I always left my phone logged in to one of the instant messaging services. That iPhone guy's huge AT&T phone bill is nothing compared to my phone bill.

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