August 18, 2008

Google AdSense

When I first created this blog I moved it from Blogger to Wordpress then back to Blogger again. Both are free and offer similar features for a casual blogger like me, but I wanted to use Wordpress because I could use a shorter name ("ivoid"). Unfortunately, Wordpress doesn't allow the use of Google AdSense with free accounts, so I came back to Blogger again.

According to the Google AdSense policy, I'm strictly prohibited from clicking on the ads placed on my own site. Unfortunately, because I always write about things I like, the targeted ads that appear are always things I'm really interested in, and I can't click on them and I had no idea how to reach the advertised sites. Eventually I found a silly way around this by enlarging the ads so they'll show the advertiser's URL, and I just manually type in the URL without clicking on the ads. (Which is why the ads are so big.)

Besides the ads that I'm actually interested in, I'm also getting a lot of Scientology ads. I bet they'll double now that I've actually mentioned them in a post.

I've heard horror stories about people being dropped from the AdSense program due to invalid clicks. I'm really worried about this because I have an absurdly high Page CTR (click through rate) on one of my sites, probably because people visit the site to look for the particular product that we sell (almost all visitors found the site by Google search), and then click on the ads to find more similar sites.

I'm also not supposed to encourage people to click on the ads, so please, don't click on the ads! :-)

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D said...

I tried to register ivoidwarranties for blogger but it was taken, so I decided to check it out and I love the blog!

I just read the whole friggin thing :D

When I get around to adding a blogroll to my blog, I'm putting yours on there - not looking for reciprocation - just letting you know I appreciate your work.

I work in IT also and a lot of your posts are exactly what I'm into or situations I experience too.

My blog is more random than tech oriented - but that's what my friends are into, they're not as into technical stuff.

Thats why i was going to start another blog more centered on tech, I ended up with :D

Nothing posted there yet, my only active one is

AND wrapping up the novel - good luck, I'll keep reading ya!