August 24, 2008

See you in London 2012

The 2008 Beijing Olympics ended after 16 days. The closing ceremonies was as spectacular as the opening ceremonies. I was a bit disappointed that my favorite singer, Stefanie Sun, didn't make an appearance even though she was supposed to. Or maybe she was standing behind all the other megastars.

Congrats to all the athletes! And to all the people that worked hard behind the scenes, a job well done! I know someone who is a military police in Beijing and he worked 24-hour shifts for almost a whole year leading up to the Olympics.

I also know a lot of Chinese and all they seem to know how to do is complain that the added security during Olympics is giving them trouble in bringing foreign snacks back home to China and moan that the government is blowing money away on showing off. In fact, hosting the Olympics brings in huge revenues as well as improving the overall infrastructure of the country. Oh right, the money isn't flowing directly into their pockets.

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