August 28, 2008

Slashdot effect

No, I didn't actually make /. but it appears like there was a lot of interest in the EOS 50D before its official release. Those leaked sample pics I posted in the last entry got downloaded more than 2,500 times within a day. Total traffic usage was about 3 GB.

This was nothing compared to September last year when the EOS 40D was released though. After the 40D was released, for some reason the PDF manual wasn't available for download, so someone posted a scanned copy of his manual, and I offered to mirror it. The PDF manual was downloaded more than 10,000 times within a day. The file was a large 25 MB and the traffic usage came to nearly 30 GB. (I wonder how many downloads he got and whether his ISP caught fire?) When the official PDF manual (less than 6 MB) was released a few days later I deleted the file thinking that people could just go download the official one. Unfortunately, I didn't expect hundreds of other sites linking to me, and I got a massive number of 404's. I imagine if I hadn't deleted the file, I would've gotten way more downloads.

Always nice to have unlimited bandwidth.

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