September 10, 2008

Pad Thai

Watching the PAD protests on the streets of Bangkok is like watching the world's largest soap opera, except it's all happening in real life.

Two years ago, mass protests against the then prime minister Thaksin started because he sold shares of his company to Temasek tax free. Hello? Buying and selling stocks has always been tax free in Thailand. Thaksin is the owner of the company, so he has the right to do whatever he wants with his company. This year, mass protests against the current prime minister Samak started, uh, because the demonstrators didn't get who they wanted as the prime minister the last time around. How to get the prime minister to step down? Blame him for hosting a cooking show!

PAD apparently stands for People's Alliance for Democracy, I tried searching for PAD on the net but couldn't find anything useful. There are supposedly official websites and forums, but they're filled with pop-up ads and iframe viruses, which makes their official status somewhat questionable. I did get a lot of hits for Pad Thai though.

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